Setting Up A New User With DJ Requester

To setup a new username on this server we would require you to have admin permissions with the ADMIN DJ Requester, this allows you to use the Admin Creation Tools.


Step 1: Open DJ Requester -> This opens up as per normal. 

Step 2: Admin -> Admin Panel

Step 3: User Creation

Step 4: Add UserName & DJ Name field then hit User Creation, it'll automatically make a file in your requester folder:


Step 5: Either Download (DJ Requester) Or Have a copy of the USER Copy of DJ Requester (extract this to somewhere)

Step 5B: Move The UserName.Settings.Xml to this folder from Step 4

Step 6: Rename From UserName.Settings.xml -> Settings.xml INSIDE the STEP 5 DJ Requester.
Step 7: RAR up the folder of DJ Requester to send to them, you shouldn't need to do much else.

Step 8: Keep A Backup Of The User Setup.


In picture form:


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:
Step 6:


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